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Mohadevpur Upazila (Bangla: মহাদেবপুর উপজেলা), also known as Mohadebpur, is a sub-district (upazila) of Naogaon District in the Rajshahi Division of Bangladesh. Mohadevpur town, the administrative center of the upazila, is situated on the banks of the Atrai River. The upazila is located in the middle within Naogaon district, 25 kilometers west of the district town. The upazila is bordered by Patnitala to the north, Manda and Naogaon Sadar upazilas to the south, Badalgachhi and Naogaon Sadar upazilas to the east, and Niamatpur and Porsha upazilas to the west. It has an area of 397.67 km2 (153.54 sq mi).

Map of Mohadevpur upazila, Naogaon
The map of Mohadevpur Upazila displays its administrative areas within Naogaon district.
Mohadevpur Bridge on Atrai River
Bridge on the Atrai River in Mohadevpur. The upazila town situated on its banks. Photo: January 2023 AD.


The earlier administrative name of this region was Mohadevpur Thana and was established in 1898. It became an upazila on 15 December 1983. At that time, Mohadevpur Upazila became part of the newly established Naogaon District. This district was formed by dividing the greater Rajshahi District. Before the formation of the district, Naogaon had been known as a Mahakuma(মহকুমা).

Geographical Location

The upazila is located between approximately 24.5333°N and 24.7°N latitude, and between 88.8167°E and 89.1°E longitude.


The upazila is governed by one upazila and 10 union councils (also known as parishad). It has 307 mouzas and 298 villages. The area falls within the electoral constituency of 48, Naogaon-03 (Mohadevpur-Badalgachhi).

List of Union Parishads

Mohadevpur Upazila has a total of 10 union parishads (councils) within its jurisdiction; these are the last administrative units in Bangladesh. The names of the union parishads are:

  1. Mohadevpur
  2. Hatur
  3. Khajur
  4. Chandash
  5. Enayetpur
  6. Sofapur
  7. Uttargram
  8. Cheragpur
  9. Bhimpur
  10. Raigaon

See a full list of Union Parishads in Naogaon district here.


Total Population in Mohadevpur Upazila is 292,859. Density of population 736 per sq. km.

Population by Type of Disability

Mohadevpur Upazila has a total of 1.6% physically disabled population, according to the 2011 census. This census identified six types of disabilities:

  1. Speech: 0.2%
  2. Vision: 0.3%
  3. Hearing: 0.2%
  4. Physical: 0.6%
  5. Mental: 0.2%
  6. Autistic: 0.1%

Population by Religion

  • Muslim: 233183
  • Hindu: 52571
  • Buddhist: 3
  • Christian: 417
  • Others: 6685

All population data is based on the 2011 census.1

Number of Prayer Based Religious Institution

  • Mosque: 395
  • Eid-Gah: 263
  • Temple (Mandir): 96
  • Church (Girza): 1
  • Pagoda: 0
Colorful rural Eidgah in Raigaon (রাইগাঁ), Mataji Hat, used for Muslim Eid prayers, captured by Rumon Aanam.
A strikingly vibrant rural Eidgah near Raigaon (রাইগাঁ), Mataji Hat, is painted in multiple colors like red, green, blue, yellow, and others. It is used for Muslim Eid prayers. Photo by Rumon Aanam.


Educational Institutions in Mohadevpur

The number of educational institutions in Mahadevpur Upazila is provided below. These institutions are working to spread education throughout the area of the upazila.2

  • Government College: 01
  • Private College: 03
  • High School: 39
  • Junior High School: 13
  • Government Primary School: 132
  • Madrasah: 38
  • Science and Technical Colleges: 05
  • Agricultural Diploma and Technical College: 01
  • Technical High School: 03
  • Kindergarten School: 16

Literacy Rate in Mohadevpur

As of the 2011 census, the total literacy rate in Mohadevpur Upazila is 49.8%, where the male literacy rate at 52.8% and the female literacy rate at 46.8%.

Historical Literacy Rate Chart

This chart represents the literacy rate of Mohadevpur Upazila of Naogaon for various census years. The data is sourced from District Statistics 2011, Naogaon.

Raigaon High School in Mataji Hat, Mohadevpur. This school established 1946 AD.
Raigaon High School is a co-educational secondary high school located in Mataji Hat (মাতাজি হাট) under Mohadevpur Upazila. The school established in 1946 AD.

Haats and Bazaars

Below is a complete list of Haats and Bazaars (হাট-বাজার) located within the Mohadevpur Upazila. The list presented with their names in both English and Bangla, along with the Union Council they are associated with.3

No.Haat-Bazaar NameUnion
1Bagdob (বাগডোব)Chandash
2Chalkgouri (চকগৌরী)Bhimpur
3Chandash (চান্দাশ)Chandash
4Chanda (চান্দা)Cheragpur
5Dhanjoil (ধনজইল)Cheragpur
6Mohishbathan (মহিষবাথান)Hatur
7Chhatiantoli (ছাতিয়ানতলী)Khajur
8Martuzapur (মর্তুজাপুর)Khajur
9Kunjobon (কুঞ্জবন)Khajur
10Mataji (মাতাজী)Raigaon
11Mohadevpur (মহাদেবপুর)Mohadevpur
12Sujail (সুজাইল)Enayetpur
13Pirganj (পীরগঞ্জ)Enayetpur
14Panthakata (পাঁঠাকাটা)Sofapur
15Paharpur (পাহাড়পুর)Sofapur
16Jigatala (জিগাতলা)Sofapur
17Shibganj (শিবগঞ্জ)Uttargram
18Kalitala (কালীতলা)Uttargram
19Bamonsata (বামনসাতা)Uttargram
20Uttargram Parishad (উত্তরগ্রাম পরিষদ)Uttargram
21Saraswatipur (সরস্বতীপুর)Bhimpur

NGO Activities in Mohadevpur Upazila

Within the Mohadevpur area, numerous NGOs, both local and national level organizations are actively operational. According to the upazila’s administrative portal, 42 NGOs operate there with their various programs.4 Some of them are:

  • Grameen Bank (গ্রামীণ ব্যাংক)
  • Caritas (কারিতাস)
  • Brac (ব্র্যাক)
  • Proshika (প্রশিকা)
  • Buro Bangladesh (ব্যুরো বাংলাদেশ)
  • Thengamara Mohila Sabuj Sangha – TMSS (ঠেঙ্গামারা মহিলা সবুজ সংঘ)
  • Asa (আশা)
  • GUK, and others.

Health Centres in Mohadevpur Upazila

  • Upazila Health Complex: 01
  • Union Sub-Health Centre: 05
  • Health and Family Welfare Centres: 10
  • Community Clinic: 36
Ajipur Community Clinic which is listed under Cheragpur Union Parishad in Mohadevpur Upazila, Naogaon.
The newly constructed building of Ajipur (আজিপুর) Community Clinic. This rural healthcare facility, known as a Community Clinic (CC), is part of a network of clinics located in Ajipur village and further listed under the jurisdiction of Cheragpur Union Parishad in Mohadevpur Upazila, Naogaon. Photo taken in 2024.

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