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Welcome to the Manda Upazila category on section provides essential information and guides about the Upazila located in the Naogaon district. Through this section, citizens of this Upazila can access information about obtaining necessary civic services. Additionally, visitors interested in exploring Manda Upazila’s local history and culture will also find this section helpful. You can also explore our collection of photos and videos featuring the Upazila’s landmarks, lifestyle, culture, historical places, and public institutions.

Naogaon Ramadan Calendar 2024 : নওগাঁর সেহরি ও ইফতারের সময় ২৪

নওগাঁ থেকে স্থানীয়ভাবে খান প্রেস নামক একটি প্রতিষ্ঠান দ্বারা প্রকাশিত ২০২৪ সনের ইফতার ও সেহরির সময়।

The Ramadan calendar containing Iftar (ইফতার) and Sehri (সেহরি) time of 2024 (Islamic Hijri 1445) is applicable for Naogaon District and surrounding areas. This calendar is obtained according to the calendar prepared by the Naogaon Imam Muazzin Committee (Welfare Trust).…

Government Portals for Naogaon District and Its 11 Upazilas

Naogaon district government information portal

Discover Government Information Portals for Naogaon District Introduction to Digital Services The Bangladesh government has taken various steps to bring information and services directly to its citizens’ fingertips, including those in Naogaon district. This effort is part of the broader…

Contact numbers of 11 Upazila Nirbahi Officer – UNO of Naogaon

Contact number of all Upazila Nirbahi Officers in Naogaon

The post Upazila Nirbahi Officer – UNO (Bengali: উপজেলা নির্বাহী কর্মকর্তা) is a top upazila administration officer appointed by the government, who is an officer of the rank of Senior Assistant Secretary engaged in the implementation of government policies at…

Kusumba Mosque of Naogaon, Bangladesh

South-side view of the historical site Kusumba Mosque, Naogaon, Bangladesh.

Learn About Kusumba Mosque: A Historical Masterpiece in Naogaon About Kusumba Mosque Kusumba Mosque (also spelled as Kushumba) (Bangla: কুসুম্বা or কুশুম্বা মসজিদ), or Kusumba Shahi Masjid, is also known as ‘The Black Gem of Bengal‘, is located in Kusumba…