Category Naogaon Constituency

Explore the Naogaon Constituency, an electoral region within Naogaon District. This area is divided into six different MP seats. Each electoral constituency represents a single or multiple upazilas, each with its distinct area and population. For example, constituency Naogaon-1 covers a vast area of Niamatpur, Sapahar and Porsha upazilas. Similarly, Naogaon-2 represents Patnitala and Dhamoirhat, while Naogaon-3 covers Mohadevpur and Badalgachhi. In Naogaon-4 and Naogaon-5 constituencies, Manda and Naogaon Sadar upazilas with one upazila each, respectively. Lastly, Naogaon-6 brings together the communities of Atrai and Raninagar. Out of the 300 seats in the National Parliament (Jatiya Sangsad), the Naogaon district represents its citizens in the parliament with six designated Parliamentary seats.