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Mohadevpur or Mohadebpur (in Bangla: মহাদেবপুর) Upazila is one of the 11 Upazila (sub-district) of Naogaon District. It is located west side of the Naogaon district headquarter. Area of the Upazila is 397.67 square km. It has 10 union councils. Along with other Upazilas, Mohadevpur is also rich in agriculture. Some major rice mills are located in Upazila. The Mohadevpur town is the headquarter of Mohadevpur Upazila. The town is not as big as Naogaon town. Although, the town has rich culture and traditions. The Upazila has many government offices, police station, post office, primary and high schools and colleges. Through the below gallery of picture of Mohadevpur Upazila, you can explore many of these remarkable places.

Like other areas of Bangladesh, Mohadevpur was also a Hindu dominated area in the past. The name “Mohadevpur” says it all. But now, the Upazila is predominantly a Muslim-majority area. In addition to this, several ethnic groups reside in different areas within the Upazila.

About the Mohadevpur Upazila Pictures

Previously, we have added a photo gallery of other Upazilas. This time, we are going to publish an extensive gallery of pictures of Mohadevpur town and its surrounding areas within the upazila. So, lets dive into Mohadevpur upazila’s vibrant culture and landmarks. Explore local government institutions, educational centers, and religious establishments with just a few clicks. Meanwhile, you can also discover commercial spots, places, and other important landmarks of the upazila. We hope you’ll enjoy our scenic picture of Mohadevpur Upazila.

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Colorful rural Eidgah in Raigaon (রাইগাঁ), Mataji Hat, used for Muslim Eid prayers, captured by Rumon Aanam.
A strikingly vibrant rural Eidgah near Raigaon (রাইগাঁ), Mataji Hat, is painted in multiple colors like red, green, blue, yellow, and others. It is used for Muslim Eid prayers. Photo by Rumon Aanam.
Bok Chottor (Heron Square) located on Mohadevpur-Porsha road in Mohadevpur Town.
A popular landmark, Bok Chottor (Heron Square) situated on the junction of Mohadevpur-Porsha road in the heart of Mohadevpur Town.
Night picture of Nowhata Mor Jame Mosque under Mohadevpur upazila, Naogaon.
The nighttime view of Nowhata Mor Jame Mosque, beside Naogaon – Rajshahi Regional Hiway, Mohadevpur, Naogaon.
A picture of Raigaon High School in Mataji Hat, Mohadevpur. This school established 1946 AD.
Raigaon High School is a co-educational secondary high school located in Mataji Hat (মাতাজি হাট) under Mohadevpur Upazila. The school established in 1946 AD.
Grameen Bank's rural branch in Raigaon, Mohadevpur Upazila, Naogaon, founded by Dr. Muhammad Yunus, 2023.
Nobel laureate Dr. Muhammad Yunus founded a rural branch of Grameen Bank in Raigaon, Mohadevpur Upazila, Naogaon district. Branches like this offer microloans to the local community, especially women in rural Bangladesh. This photo was taken in 2023.
BRAC's Saraswatipur branch in Mohadevpur Upazila, Naogaon
The BRAC Saraswatipur branch located within Mohadevpur Upazila, 2024.
Beautiful rural Dewan Mahbub Alam Chishti Eidgah Jame Masjid in Chanda Bazaar, Mohadevpur, Naogaon.
A beautiful rural mosque, the Pir Dewan Mahbub Alam Chishti Eidgah Jame Masjid, is built in a modern construction style and located in Chanda Bazaar, Mohadevpur, Naogaon district, 2024.
Mohadevpur Upazila Education office surrounded by trees, inside the upazila parishad complex, 2024.
Mohadevpur Upazila Education office, Naogaon surrounded by trees situated inside the upazila parishad complex – 2024.
Mohadevpur Upazila election office at night, under Naogaon-3 constituency.
The Mohadevpur Upazila election office, illuminated at night. It serves the area of the Naogaon-3 constituency.
Dutch-Bangla Bank Mohadevpur Fast Track at night, bus-stand morr.
Dutch-Bangla Bank Mohadevpur Fast Track at night, located at bus-stand morr, 2024.
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