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About Naogaon Govt. College

Naogaon Government College (in Bangla: নওগাঁ সরকারি কলেজ) also known as ‘Naogaon Degree College‘, is a prominent Govt. educational institution in Naogaon district. It is situated beside the bank Little Jamuna River in the Bangabaria area, to the north of the town. The college campus has a total area of 11-acres.

The College at a Glance

  • Slogan of the college: Knowledge is power (in Bangla: জ্ঞানই শক্তি)
  • College code: 2401
  • EIIN Number: 123488
  • Founded: 1961 AD
  • College type: Government
  • Number of Teachers: 89
  • Student hostel: Available, for both male and female students
  • Language of education: Bengali and English
  • Student politics: Yes
Arts Building at Naogaon Government College, Naogaon, Bangladesh
Once, it was the main building for all academic and administrative activities of Naogaon Govt. College. Now, this old building has been converted into art building. It is now equipped to accommodate all arts-related disciplines.
Logo of the college

Naogaon Government College Logo.png
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Two newly built Naogaon Government College building
Newly constructed two five storied buildings on the southeast corner of the Naogaon Government College


Currently the name of this institution is Naogaon Government College but at the time of its establishment it was named Naogaon Degree College. This college was established in 1959 AD by the then Sub-Divisional Administrator Mr. Abdul Baset EPCS. Later, Mr. Abdur Rab Chowdhury CSP, another Govt. Sub-Divisional Administrator for Naogaon mahakuma (Bangla: মহকুমা), played an important role in advancing the college. He started collecting donations from various people to support the institution and initiated its operations. His efforts, alongside of the founder, were also significant in turning the dream of a higher educational institution into reality.

The academic journey began in 1962 with an inaugural batch of 118 arts students. Subsequently, the Commerce Department was introduced in 1963 AD and the Science Department in 1967 AD. The college was nationalized in 1980 AD. Then it was renamed ‘Naogaon Government College’ from its earlier name, Naogaon Degree College. Mr. Hafiz Ahmed was the founding principal of the college.

Courses at Naogaon Govt. College: Degrees, Honours, and Masters

Degree Courses
  • B. A. (Pass)
  • B. S. S. (Pass)
  • B. Sc. (Pass)
  • B. B. S. (Pass)
Honours Courses
  • Bangla
  • English
  • Islamic History And Culture
  • Philosophy
  • Political Science
  • Economics
  • Accounting
  • Management
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Botany
  • Zoology
  • Geography And Environment
  • Mathematics
Master’s Final Courses
  • Bangla
  • English
  • Islamic History And Culture
  • Philosophy
  • Political Science
  • Economics
  • Accounting
  • Management
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Botany
  • Zoology
  • Geography And Environment
  • Mathematics

Academic Positions at Naogaon Govt. College

Based on the Naogaon Govt. College’s Annual Report of fiscal year 2020-20211, here’s the list of teaching staff and key positions at the college.

PositionPost CreatedCurrent TeachersOpen Positions
Vice Principal110
Associate Professor17134
Assistant Professor18171

Department-wise Teachers/Faculty Member

DepartmentTotal No. of TeachersNo. of PhD Holder
Political Science80
Islamic History41
Islamic Studies20
Agriculture Studies21

HSC Program At Naogaon Govt. College

Besides, the higher secondary education (HSC) program is running at the college under the Rajshahi Education Board. Higher secondary level students tend to get admission in this college. However, after passing higher secondary exams, most of the students do not get admission in the graduate and honors courses of these colleges. Rather, they get admission in universities or colleges located in the capital Dhaka or neighboring divitional city, Rajshahi.

In 1996, the govt. introduced Honors and Masters programs at this college for the first time in Naogaon district, under the affiliation of the National University, Bangladesh. At that time, the college authorities started naming the college as ‘Naogaon University College’. Controversy arose over this nomenclature. But currently, only ‘Naogaon Government College’ is being written on all the plaques.

Night view of Naogaon Govt. College main entrance
The main entrance of Naogaon Govt. College, beautifully illuminated at night. Photo taken by Rumon Anam in January, 2023 AD.
The Shaheed Minar (Martyr Monument) at the college
The Shaheed Minar (Martyr Monument) standing tall at Naogaon Govt. College.

College Infrastructure

Currently the college has 4 buildings. Both administrative and educational activities of the college are being conducted in these 4 buildings. This govt. college has residential facilities for students coming from distant areas of Naogaon town and other districts. But, the residential facilities of the college are not adequate. As a result, many private messes or hostels are being established in the residential areas circulating the college campus.

This college has some extra curricular activities such as, scout team, playground, library, shrine, conference hall etc.

Kazi Nazrul Islam Hostel at Naogaon Government College Campus.
Kazi Nazrul Islam Hostel of Naogaon Govt. College. Photo taken in 2014 AD.
Naogaon Govt. College - A reputed educational institute in the district that is seen through trees, 2023 AD.
The Naogaon Govt. College campus, both encircled and framed by trees, stands as a notable educational institute in the district, this photo taken in 2023 AD.

College Library

The college has a rich library with a collection of more than 26 thousand books. These books covers various subjects which are an excellent medium for the students to acquire knowledge. Here is a list of books by subject:

Sl. NumberDepartment/subjectNumber of Books
3History and Culture of Islam1200
5Political Science1550
12Geography and Environment1130
Boy and girl students are shown in front of Naogaon govt. college main gate
Newly constructed Naogaon Govt. College arcade.

Information Technology

This college has adopted the use of technology in the education system. Besides, this Govt. college of Naogaon has a website. This website is playing a major role in making connections between the students and the college administration. However, it’s unfortunate that the design, navigability, and appearance of the website is not satisfactory.

Website interface of the College
Front page of college website. This website plays vital link between students and the college administration.

Brief Website Review Report and Development Recommendations

The founder of this website has written a review report and also suggested development recommendations for the Naogaon Government College website, focusing on quality improvement. The report, written in Bangla, is available below and can also be downloaded in Google Doc/PDF format.

Contact Information

Naogaon Govt. College
Degree Mor, Bangabaria, Naogaon – 6500, Bangladesh
Tel: +8802588881656
Email: and

Google Map

R-47, Naogaon, Bangladesh

Naogaon FAQ section image
Frequently Asked Questions about Naogaon Govt. College

Frequently Asked Questions about Naogaon Govt. College

Where is Naogaon Government College located?

Naogaon Govt. College is located adjacent to the Little Jamuna River and in Bangabaria on the north side of the Naogaon town, Bangladesh.

When was Naogaon Govt. College established?

Naogaon Government College was established in 1959 AD.

What is Naogaon Government College also known as?

Naogaon Government College is also known as ‘Naogaon Degree College’.

Who established Naogaon Govt. College?

The Naogaon Govt. College was established by the then Sub-Divisional Administrator Mr. Abdul Baset EPCS.

What are the languages of education in Naogaon Govt. College?

The languages of education in Naogaon Govt. College are Bengali and English.

When was Naogaon Govt. College nationalized?

Naogaon Govt. College was nationalized in 1980 AD.

When were Honors and Masters courses introduced in Naogaon Govt. College?

Honors and Masters courses were introduced in Naogaon Government College in 1996 under the National University.

Does Naogaon Govt. College have a website?

Yes, Naogaon Government College does have a website. Its address is: However, the design and quality of the website are not satisfactory.

How can one contact the college?

Naogaon Government College can be contacted via telephone at +8802588881656, through their website, or by email at and The college is located at Degree Mor, Bangabaria, Naogaon – 6500, Bangladesh.

  1. Naogaon Govt. College Annual Report (FY) 2020-2021 ↩︎
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