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About Pictures of Raninagar

Here the Raninagar Upazila will be presented with a vast picture gallery featuring scenes of various administrative offices, as well as different landscapes and institutions located within the Upazila. Beside of this, the added photos also highlight essential services located in Raninagar Upazila, such as the police station, Fire Service and Civil Defense Station, banking facilities, rail station, and educational institutions. Together, these high resolution images will give you a huge visual tour of Raninagar upazila.

About Raninagar Upazila

Raninagar or Raninogor (Bangla: রাণীনগরUpazila is located in the southern part of the district town. The Upazila is bordered by Naogaon Sadar upazila and Adamdighi (Bogura) and Atrai Upazila. The Upazila has a total area of 258.33 square kilometers and it is divided into 8 union parishads.

Photo Gallery of Rninagar Upazila, Naogaon

Zilla Parishad Auditorium and Community Centre in Raninagar
The yellow-colored Zilla Parishad Auditorium cum-Community Centre, located on Thana road in Raninagar town, captured in 2023 AD.
Bright HD day view from south of Raninagar Railway Station with road sign on Naogaon to Natore highway.
A vibrant and HD daytime view from the south of Raninagar Railway Station. A road sign on the Naogaon to Natore regional highway marks the direction to Raninagar Upazila bazaar and the railway station.
Liberation War Memorial at Raninagar Bus Stand - 2013
A Liberation Memorial located at Raninagar Bus Stand. But people have spoiled its presence and beauty with posters and banners. Photo taken in 2013 AD.
Main entrance of Raninagar Rail Station
The main entrance gate of Raninagar Rail Station.
Rajshahi Agricultural Development Bank - Raninagar Branch
The stunning yellow colored building is the Raninagar branch of the Rajshahi Agricultural Development Bank, located on Thana Road.
Winter view of Upazila Parishad Road, Raninagar
A winter scene of the Upazila Parishad Road in Raninagar, Naogaon.

Pictures of Upazila Parishad Premises

Upazila Shilpakala Academy Office in Raninagar, Naogaon
Upazila Shilpakala Academy, located within the Upazila premises of Raninagar, Naogaon.
Upazila Election Commissioner's Office under the Bangladesh Election Commission (EC) in Raninagar, Naogaon
The office of the Upazila Election Commissioner, under the Bangladesh Election Commission (EC), is located within the Raninagar Upazila Parishad premises in Naogaon.
Upazila Accounting Officer Office in Raninagar, Naogaon
The office of the Upazila Accounting Officer, located within the Raninagar Upazila premises in Naogaon.
Upazila Social Service Office in Raninagar, Naogaon
The Upazila Social Service Office, located within the Raninagar Upazila premises
Raninagar Land Office in Naogaon, a high-definition view of the newly built office 2023.
The newly constructed Raninagar Land Office (উপজেলা ভূমি অফিস), also known as the AC Land Office in Naogaon district, is showcased in high definition on a sunny day. Photo: taken by Rumon Anam in 2023 AD.
Upazila Education Officer Office in Raninagar, Naogaon
The office of the Upazila Education Officer, located within the Raninagar Upazila premises in Naogaon.
The main entrance of Raninagar upazila complex as seen in 2014 AD.
Picture of Main entrance of Raninagar upazila complex, captured in 2014 AD.

View of Raninagar Town and Throughout the Upazila

An evening time scenic HD view of Raninagar Upazila Police Station.
A scenic HD evening view of the Raninagar Police Station (Thana), located in the town of Raninagar, Naogaon.
Night view of Dutch-Bangla Bank's Fast Track center in Raninagar, Naogaon
A night-time view of Dutch-Bangla Bank’s Fast Track center located on Station Road in Raninagar Upazila town, Naogaon.
IFIC Bank Limited Raninagar Sub-branch near Upazila Parishad Gate
IFIC Bank Limited’s Raninagar Sub-branch, located in front of the Raninagar Upazila Parishad gate.
Fire Service and Civil Defense Station in Raninagar, Naogaon
The Fire Service and Civil Defense Station in Raninagar, Naogaon. For emergencies, call mobile number: 01311-499084.
New Technical Training Centre (TTC) at Lokhiner Mor, Raninagar (রাণীনগর), Naogaon.
The newly established Technical Training Centre (TTC) at Lokhiner Mor in Raninagar (রাণীনগর), Naogaon.
Raninagar Girls High School, established in 1977, captured in 2014.
The Raninagar Girls High School in Raninagar town, founded in 1977. Photographed in 2014 AD.
Beautiful scene of Gona High School surrounded by greenery in Raninagar Upazila, captured in 2023 AD.
The scenic HD view Gona High School of Raninagar Upazila that also enveloped by lush greenery, as photographed in the year 2023 AD.
Raninagar Station Road Bazar in Raninagar Upazila town
A view of both the Raninagar Station Road and Raninagar Bazaar in Raninagar town. Photo taken in 2013 AD

Photo: Rumon Anam

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