Daraz Delivery Services in Naogaon

Daraz, a leading online marketplace in Bangladesh, offers its services in Naogaon district, just like in other parts of the country. It provides a wide range of products that customers can order through their mobile app or desktop browsers. This article will explain how the company’s services are accessible throughout Naogaon district.

List of Daraz Delivery Points in Naogaon

About Daraz

Founded in 2012 by Rocket Internet, Daraz has been operational for 12 years in Bangladesh. In 2015, it received 50 million euros in funding from the UK. Later, in 2018, the leading Chinese company Alibaba Group acquired Daraz. This acquisition led to significant developments, including the option for customers to order products from Chinese sellers. This move has opened doors for customers to purchase items that are not available in the Bangladeshi market.

How Daraz Serves in Naogaon

Customers throughout the district can order their desired products from Daraz and receive them via doorstep delivery or can collect them from delivery points. These delivery points are also known as Delivery Hubs and Collection Points.

Daraz REDX delivery point near girls' school on Sadar Road, Naogaon.
Daraz REDX delivery point located near girls’ school on Sadar Road, Naogaon, 2024.

Daraz Delivery Hubs in Naogaon

Besides doorstep delivery, Daraz operates 3 delivery hubs in Naogaon town, allowing customers to collect their ordered items at less charges from the nearest delivery points. Below is the list of these delivery hubs with address, phone number and maps:

Daraz Express (DEX) Naogaon Station
  • Address: Mansura Complex, Chalkbiram, On the west side of the police line, Naogaon Sadar-6500, Naogaon.
  • Services: Product collection, Product return
  • Phone: 01890385000
  • Service time: 09:30:00 – 18:00:00
  • Off day: Friday

Location Map

Daraz RedX Naogaon Collection Point
  • Address: Holding no: 0008-02, West Side of Government Girls’ School, KD Road, Naogaon Sadar, Naogaon – 6500
  • Services: Product collection
  • Phone: 01788-066422
  • Service time: 09:30:00 – 18:30:00
  • Off day: Friday

Location Map

Daraz Post Office Collection Point
  • Address: Near Municipality Office, Post Office Rd, Naogaon Sadar, Naogaon – 6500
  • Services: Product collection
  • Phone: +880 1748730562
  • Service time: 09:00:00 – 18:00:00
  • Off day: Friday

Location Map

Screenshot of Daraz app showing list of collection points in Naogaon for order selection 2024.
A screenshot from Daraz mobile app displays the option where customer can select from a list of collection points situated in the town during ordering any product, 2024.
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