Beauty of Naogaon Town Through Vivid Night Time Photos

Discover the Colorful Night Time Scenes of Naogaon Town


Every night time city life presents a different beauty and Naogaon town is no exception in this regard. Sometimes it is both colorful and gorgeous. City chaos is a normal phenomena around the world. But at night, cities have a calm and peaceful atmosphere. Many city people who love to roam around at night.

Although not like a big city, Naogaon town also has its unique beauty at night. From afternoon to evening, the number of people gathered around Muktir Mor, Doyaler Mor, Bridge Mor in Naogaon town is several times more than daytime. It seems like, these places are prepared just for the night time.

The Tradition of Naogaon’s Nightlife

People from various professions in the municipal area of the town choose the evening hours to spend time with their friends or to have some snacks with them. In big cities, people often choose restaurants, but in Naogaon, street food shops are the go-to destination for many. Just like in other regions of Bangladesh, street food is also hugely popular in Naogaon district. Men are mostly seen gathered in evening time. But times have changed. Nowadays, women are often seen at evening gathering chats with their family members or friends. Tea is very popular drinks in Naogaon. As a result, the demand for tea is highest during the evening hours. Some tea stalls in the town specialize in milk tea. During peak hours, people often have to wait due to the high demand for this special tea.

Night time gatherings are seen between evening to 10 pm. After that, when the crowd started to decrease, Naogaon town started to take the form of a quiet night.

Beauty of Naogaon Town at Night: A Photo Tour

In this photo album, we are adding night time pictures of different places of the Naogaon town. Finally, we hope, these photos will help you to explore the town and will cheer you greatly.

Expanded View: Latest Naogaon Night Scenes

HD photo of light trails on Naogaon Lord Liton Bridge at night, captured in 2023 AD.
A stunning HD nighttime scene showcases vibrant light trails on Naogaon’s Lord Liton Bridge besides Town Jame Mosque captured in 2023 AD.
Nighttime glimpse of Naogaon Mishtanno Bhandar (নওগাঁ মিষ্টান্ন ভাণ্ডার) at Naogaon Bridge Mor.
The night-time scene shows Naogaon Mishtanno Bhandar (নওগাঁ মিষ্টান্ন ভাণ্ডার), a renowned confectionery/sweet shop in Naogaon Bridge Mor and besides of Town Jame Mosque, captured in 2023 AD.
Night scene of a four-road junction near Batar Mor with Sri Sri Mohadev Mandir in view.
The mesmerizing nighttime scene of the four-road junction at Naogaon Batar Mor along with Sri Sri Mohadev Mandir on the right side. Captured in January 2023 AD.
Night view of Rupali Bank Ltd., Naogaon Sadar Road Corporate Branch on the 1st floor with a mobile shop on the ground level.
Rupali Bank Ltd.’s Naogaon Sadar Road Corporate Branch at night on Main Road, with a mobile shop below. Captured in 2023 AD.
Night photo of BP Restaurant glowing in golden lighting at Naogaon Police Shopping Mall in Bangabaria.
Night time view of BP Restaurant that glows in an ambient golden lightings, situated inside Naogaon Police Shopping Mall in Bangabaria. Photo taken in 2023 AD.
Night view of Muktir Mor in Naogaon with Naogaon Zilla School Market shops on the left
Naogaon’s Muktir Mor at midnight showing its beauty and silence. It also shows Naogaon Zilla School Market shops on its left. Captured in January 2023 AD.
Midnight view of Naogaon Zilla School's (নওগাঁ জিলা স্কুল) main entrance.
The quiet atmosphere of Naogaon Zilla School (নওগাঁ জিলা স্কুল) main gate on a winter midnight. Photo: January 2023 AD.
Night view of Naogaon District Govt. Public Library.
The Naogaon District Govt. Public Library (জেলা সরকারি গণগ্রন্থাগার) on Main road.
Night view of the realme smartphone store on Naogaon Sadar's main road.
Evening moments at the realme smartphone store on the main road of Naogaon Sadar.
Nighttime view of SAMSUNG and VIVO smartphone stores on Naogaon Main Road.
Storefronts of both SAMSUNG and VIVO smartphone shops on Naogaon Main Road, captured in 2023.
Night time photo of Dutch-Bangla Bank ATM booth located inside Naogaon Police Shopping Mall
Dutch-Bangla Bank ATM booth inside Naogaon Police Shopping Mall. Photo taken by Rumon Anam in January, 2023.
Vibrant night view of Swapno super shop at Manila Plaza, Naogaon, on Main Road.
Vibrant night view of the Shwapno super shop Naogaon outlet. This shopping branch is situated at Manila Plaza near the Puraton Bus Stand on Main Road.
Busy night view of Churipatti Bazaar, cosmetics and sweet market on Islampur Road, Naogaon town.
Just like the day, Churipatti Bazaar also stays alive at night, a vibrant shopping destination for cosmetics and sweets on Islampur Road in Naogaon town.
Night view of Naogaon General Hospital and Medical College gate.
The gate of both Naogaon General Hospital and Medical College, captured at night (2023).
LABAID Diagnostics Naogaon branch at night on Main road, Kazir Mor. 2023 AD.
Night view of LABAID Limited (Diagnostics) Naogaon branch on Main road, Kazir Mor, captured in 2023.
Naogaon Astan Mollah Degree College at night, 2024.
Naogaon Astan Mollah Degree College at night, Naogaon Sadar, 2024.
Night scene at Bokultolar Morr near Barendra Office, Naogaon, 2024.
The colorful night view at Bokultolar Morr (বকুল তলার মোড়). The location situated close to Barendra Office in Naogaon town, captured in 2023.

Gallery View

Some Classic Captures

Night view of Government BMC Women's College entrance in Naogaon.
An old photograph of Govt. BMC Women’s College (বিএমসি মহিলা কলেজ), also known as Naogaon Mohila College, captured at night in April 2013 AD.
Night view of Naogaon Kendriyo Shahid Minar at Muktir Mor.
Naogaon Kendriyo Shahid Minar, also known as Language Martyrs Monument at Muktir Mor during nighttime in April 2013 AD.
Vintage view of Kholil er paner Dokan at Gostohatir Mor in Naogaon.
An old snapshot of the popular Kholil er Paner Dokan, a Pan Shop at Naogaon’s Gostohatir Mor, captured in April 2013 AD.
 Night view of Naogaon bridge mor with the Town Mosque in the back.
Naogaon Bridge Mor & Town Mosque Night Scene

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Photo: Rumon Anam

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