Dutch-Bangla Bank Fast Track & ATM location In Naogaon


In Bangladesh, Dutch-Bangla Bank Ltd. is a renowned private bank, offering both branch and ATM services in Naogaon. The bank has branch and ATM services in Naogaon too. This bank once earned a reputation for having a sizable ATM network in Bangladesh. A few years ago, the bank ended its ATM booth services. Instead, in an effort to offer more services, they introduced the Fast Track Center. But now they have fewer Fast Track Centers compared to their earlier large ATM booths all over Bangladesh. The discontinuation of the ATM booth services was a part of security considerations. However, a few locations still have ATM booths. Places like shopping centers or a specific location where strong security is available.

Night time photo of Dutch-Bangla Bank ATM booth located inside Naogaon Police Shopping Mall
Dutch-Bangla Bank ATM booth inside Naogaon Police Shopping Mall. Photo taken by Rumon Anam in January, 2023.

At the Fast Track Center, where customers can open bank accounts, deposit cash, and withdraw cash from ATMs. An officer is also posted at every Fast Track Center, accompanied by security guards

Similarly, Dutch-Bangla Bank Ltd. discontinued running ATM booths in the Naogaon district and started only offering services through Fast Track Centers.

List of Dutch-Bangla Bank Fast Track & ATM locations all over the Naogaon district

However, in Naogaon district, there is only one active ATM booth. Apart from this, all are Fast Track Centers. The Fast Track Centers’ and ATM booths’ addresses and Google Maps are shown here. Refer to the following list to find an ATM near you:

Naogaon Branch Fast Track

Ananda Bazar Shopping Complex, Bridge mor, Main road, Naogaon 6500

Dutch-Bangla Rubir Mor Fast Track

Sultan Tower, Rubir Moor, Main Road, Chawk Enayet, Naogaon 6500

Dutch-Bangla Judge Court Fast Track with ATM

B. K. Bazar, Holding 4612, In front of Judge Court, Naogaon 6500

Dutch-Bangla Police Shopping Mall ATM, Naogaon

Police Shopping Mall, Bangabaria, Naogaon 6500

Atrai Fast Track

Akul Shopping Complex, Upazila Road, Atrai, Naogaon

Dutch-Bangla Badalgachhi Fast Track, Naogaon

Sadik Plaza, Upazila Road, Badalgachhi, Naogaon

Dhamoirhat Fast Track

Dewan Bhaban, Upazila Road, Dhamoirhat Bazar, Dhamoirhat, Naogaon

Dutch-Bangla Manda Fast Track, Naogaon

Shad Market, Proshadpur Bazar, Main Road, Manda, Naogaon

Mahadevpur Fast Track

Saheb Uddin Super Mall, Mohadevpur Bus Stand, Mohadevpur, Naogaon

Niamatpur Fast Track

Haider Plaza, Thana Road, Niamatpur, Naogaon

Patnitala Fast Track, Naogaon

Ashudha Plaza, Holding – 558, Dhamoirhat Road, Nazipur Bazar, Patnitala, Naogaon

Porsha Fast Track

Ishahaque Plaza, Upazila Main Road, Porsha, Naogaon

Dutch-Bangla Raninagar Fast Track With ATM Service, Naogaon

Sarder Market, Holding # 436, Station Road, Raninagar, Naogaon

Sapahar Fast Track

Saha Plaza, Naogaon Road, Sapahar, Naogaon

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