Naogaon Zilla Parishad Park

Top view of Naogaon Zilla Parishad Park and main entrance.
Aerial view of Naogaon Zilla Parishad Park and its main entrance. Photo: Dr. Mozaffar Ahmed

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Naogaon Zilla Parishad Park (Bengali: নওগাঁ জেলা পরিষদ পার্ক) or District Council Park is located in the heart of Naogaon town. Government Girls High School, Naogaon Zilla School, Naogaon Central Mosque are located around the park. This park was established during the British period in 1920 AD. Since then, Naogaon town has grown a lot. Now it is located in the center of the town at Muktir Mor. Area of the Park is 2.46 acres. Naogaon District Council (Bangla: নওগাঁ জেলা পরিষদ) is under its maintenance.

About the Zilla Parishad Park

The Naogaon Zilla Parishad Park has a beautiful deep pond in the middle of it. Not always, but sometimes different types of fish can be seen in this pond. The pond surrounded with many coconut and other types of trees. There are two walkways inside the park. Health conscious citizens of the town and diabetics are regularly seen walking through these two walkways. It takes about 3 minutes to cross the inner walkway at a brisk walk and approximately 4 minutes to cross the outer walkway at a brisk walk. As per rules, men use the outer walkway and women use the inner walkway for walking.

There is an office room inside the park. The park has some children’s sports equipments. Besides, there is a gymnasium at the south-east corner of the park for the convenience of the citizens. During summer and winter, the park has different opening and closing times.

Old photo of the Park's Library
Zilla Parishad Park Library (Photo 2013)

Park Management

The Zilla Parishad authority appoints one park supervisor, four cleaners, and a night guard to ensure smooth operation and maintenance of the park. From 6.00 am until 9.00pm the park is open for public recreation and navigation. The park has a library on the East – North corner. The library houses various types of books and offers daily newspapers. It has a librarian to keep it operational. The library is open to the public from 5.00 pm to sunset during the summer and from 4.00 pm to sunset during winter.

Naogaon Zilla Parishad Park location on Google Map

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