Historical Places in Naogaon: List of Protected Monuments

Naogaon district is rich in heritage and archaeological monuments, and it has 14 historical places. These sites have also been declared as protected monuments by the government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. The list has been published by the Directorate of Archeology of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

Explore List of Naogaon’s Historical Places and Tourist Spots

South-side view of the historical site Kusumba Mosque, Naogaon, Bangladesh.
Located in Naogaon, Kusumba Mosque stands as an important national heritage site. The photo captures the mosque’s south-side view, revealing its gray and brown appearance rather than black. Photo taken in January 2023 AD.

Upazila-wise List of Historical Places in Naogaon District

Atrai Upazila

Rabindranath Tagore’s Patisar Kachari Bari and Adjacent Monuments (Bengali: কবি রবীন্দ্রনাথ ঠাকুরের পতিসর কাচারী বাড়ি ও তৎসংলগ্ন কীর্তিসমূহ)
Geo Location: Latitude: 24°37’00.5″N, Longitude: 89°05’21.8″E
Notification/Gazette & Date: Bangladesh Gazette, 8th July 1993, 8th September 1994

Kaligram Rathindranath Institution (Bengali: কালীগ্রাম রথীন্দ্রনাথ ইনস্টিউশন)
Geo Location: Latitude: 24°36’56.7″N, Longitude: 89°05’16.3″E
Notification/Gazette & Date: Bangladesh Gazette, 31st August 2017

Islamganthi Jame Mosque (Bengali: ইসলামগাঁথী জামে মসজিদ)
Geo Location: Latitude: 24.595063320950146, Longitude: 89.02516721087608
Notification/Gazette & Date: Bangladesh Gazette, 28th February 2019

Badalgachhi Upazila

Somapura Mahavihara (Paharpur Buddhist Monastery) (Bengali: সোমপুর মহাবিহার)
Geo Location: Latitude: 25°01’52.1″N, Longitude: 88°58’37.1″E
Notification/Gazette & Date: No. 211-Misc. Dt. 15-7-1919

Central temple of Somapura Mahavihara, an archaeological Buddhist Monastery in Naogaon district, also known as Paharpur Bihar.
The central temple of Somapura Mahavihara, Naogaon district’s renowned archaeological monument, also known to locals as Paharpur Bihar. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Satyapirer Bhita (Bengali: সত্যপীরের ভিটা)
Geo Location: Latitude: 25°01’50.2″N, Longitude: 88°58’53.1″E
Notification/Gazette & Date: No. 6300 L.A. 30 May 1934

Holudbihar Dhibi (Yellow Monastery) (Bengali: হলুদবিহার ঢিবি)
Geo Location: Latitude: 24°55’56.9″N, Longitude: 88°58’19.9″E
Notification/Gazette & Date: Ministry of Education, Cultural Affairs & Sports Division No.-LB/1A-31/76/566, Date: 28th August 1976

Dhamoirhat Upazila

Mohisantosh Mosque (Bengali: মহীসন্তোষ মসজিদ)
Geo Location: Latitude: 25.180144712722633, Longitude: 88.76884532488617
Notification/Gazette & Date: The Calcutta Gazette Dt. the 16th April, 1925

Agradigun Mound (Bengali: আগ্রাদ্বিগুন মাউন্ড)
Geo Location: Latitude: 25°10’40.8″N, Longitude: 88°42’14.2″E
Notification/Gazette & Date: No. 1238 Mis. Dt. 22nd November 1920

Jagaddal Bihar (Bengali: জগদ্দল বিহার)
Geo Location: Latitude: 25°09’32.3″N, Longitude: 88°53’15.5″E
Notification/Gazette & Date: No. 1193 Mis. Dt. 25 June 1923

Badal Pillar/Garuda Pillar (Bheemer Panti) (Bengali: বাদল পিলার/গারুদা পিলার)
Geo Location: Latitude: 25°06’19.3″N, Longitude: 88°56’04.3″E
Notification/Gazette & Date: No. 1238 Mis. Dt. 22 November 1920

Naogaon Sadar Upazila

Dubalhati Palace (Bengali: দুবলহাটি প্রাসাদ)
Geo Location: Latitude: 24°47’12.2″N, Longitude: 88°52’59.2″E
Notification/Gazette & Date: Bangladesh Gazette, 2nd April 1987

Interior view of the ruins of historical place, Dubolhati Rajbari in Naogaon, pic captured in 2014.
Inside the ruins of historical Dubolhati Rajbari (দুবলহাটি রাজবাড়ি) in Naogaon sadar upazila. Photographed in 2014.

Manda Upazila

Chauja Mosque (Bengali: চৌজা মসজিদ)
Geo Location: N/A
Notification/Gazette & Date: No.-Sha:6/Pratna: Adhi:- 16/98/710 (1), Date: 19-06-2002

Kusumba Mosque (Bengali: কুসুম্বা মসজিদ)
Geo Location: Latitude: 24°45’10.0″N, Longitude: 88°40’53.3″E
Notification/Gazette & Date: No. 585-E Dt. 14-3-1910

Historical Kusumba Mosque, Naogaon district
Kusumba Mosque, the second most important historical site in Naogaon district.

Patnitala Upazila

Dhibar Pillar (Kaibarta Pillar) (Bengali: ধীবর পিলার)
Geo Location: Latitude: 25°07’20.0″N, Longitude: 88°37’14.4″E
Notification/Gazette & Date: The Calcutta Gazette Dt. 8th October 1931

Photo: Rumon Anam

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